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Partner Portal Research

About Partner Portal

Provides a single, convenient access point for information, marketing assets, training and resources that support sales. It specifically supports resellers, OEMs, System Integrators and other entities who would benefit from knowledge and expertise about solutions to make sales decisions. By delivering high-impact sales resources instantly to their fingertips, the partner portal can contribute to more impactful business and enhance collaboration within our partner community.


Primary (Partners)


User Goals

How can we make this section more visible and intuitive for our users? We started by first looking at the types of settings that are currently available. By going through each setting it gave us a good idea for categorization and grouping that could be done.

  1. Gain information, training, assets, support and other resources that can be leveraged for creating a sales and marketing advantage
  2. Gain tools that are easy to use and information that is easy to understand
  3. Access sales and marketing resources effortlessly from a single point and quickly with minimal procedural barriers
  4. Understand the benefits of being a partner and feel confident that those benefits are received throughout their partnership

Business Needs

Introducing a user friendly portal which is aligned with current and future trends and business goals to help our partners to make more impactful business.

Major Pain Points

Key Data Points

What existing content do users prioritize, according to the data?

Top 5 Downloadable Content

  1. Battle Cards (28/100)
  2. Collateral (24/100)
  3. Case Studies (11/100)
  4. Webinars (9/100)
  5. Customer Snapshots (5/100)

Technical Needs

Competitive Analysis

We looked at the best partner portal platforms which included IBM, Microsoft & Oracle.

Competitor partner portals

Key Takeaways

To communicate to users that the Partner Program and its portal meets their user goals, the portal would benefit from rebranding around the concept of being a welcoming one-stop destination for all sales and marketing support. Including:


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